Guiding us through the divorce process and the documents necessary, Su helped us to create a good foundation for ourselves but most of all for our children. Thank you Su for your amazing and wise guidance, thank you for encouraging us to makes sure we can continue our lives travelling light!
Ethan and Melanie

Why divorcing with Tara Mediation?

Practical advantages:

Tara Mediation:

  • is a mediator and therefore has a neutral position.
  • has the right expertise and a network of specialists.
  • listens to the wishes and needs of both parties.
  • guides parties towards a solution, as the parties themselves keep the (solution of) the conflict under control.
  • guides parties with respect to improving the communication so further unnecessary dammage of the relation will be prevented.
  • will inform parties about the consequences of the agreements made.
  • gives specific information important to the situation of both parties.
  • guides both parties to come to an agreement for the future, which will be recorded in a settlement agreement and/or parenting plan.

Legal advantages

Tara Mediation:

  • has the legal knowledge for the right words in a settlement agreement and a parenting plan.
  • customized service, specifically related to your situation.
  • has special attention for clients married according to foreign law by informing them about the legal procedure of a divorce according to Dutch law and can refer them to a competent lawyer who can take care of the aftercare once the divorce according to Dutch law has been registered in the registry of marriage.
  • takes care of the completion at court and the registration of the divorce in the registry of marriage at the municipality of marriage or the registry of marriage in The Hague in case of marriages taken place abroad. As it is a mutual request for divorce both parties do not need to appear in court.

Businesslike advantages

Tara Mediation:

  • offers a shorter road towards a satisfying solution for both parties
  • offers a beforehand agreed tariff for the whole procedure
  • makes clear agreements with both of you and has no hidden costs
  • saves you money with respect to both of you having your own lawyer
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Photography: Christina Stoian