'Amazing how Su has been able to trace and identify the problem and help us solve it. Her bridge technique has been very helpful and has become an integrated part of our life. It only took us 5 sessions and a lot of hard work, sweat and tears to recognize, acknowledge, accept and move on like newborn partners.' -Hugo and Carla

I am considering a divorce

Tara Mediation coaches couples who are encountering relational problems and who are considering to separate. Tara Mediation guides the couple with tracing and identifying the core of their problem and guides them towards a solution that satisfies them both.

Tara Mediation has had the privilege to have helped many relationships and has prevented them from having an energy wasting divorce. With care and attention Tara Mediation guides couples towards the moment of the valuable insight that the relation itself is also a living organism which grows with appropriate care and attention.

The number of sessions necessary varies from an average from 4 to 7 sessions. Each session takes 1,5 hour. Based on the first session you will be informed about the estimated number of sessions including the investment for these sessions.

Your investment per session (1,5 hour) will be € 408,38 VAT inclusive (€ 337,50 VAT exclusive).

‘I am considering a divorce’ – package

With 4 or more sessions a money saving ‘I am considering a divorce’ – package can be offered. Your investment per session (1,5 hour) will be € 317,63 VAT inclusive (€ 262,50 VAT exclusive).

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