Separated and sharing with Carla Muisers: ‘ When you notice your energy draining off in a relationship, any relationship, it is time to observe that relationship and to feel ‘what do I want with this, what can I do with this?’

In the series Separated & Sharing several portraits will be depicted of people who have experienced a divorce or separation. In this portrait Carla Muisers (54) shares her story. Carla is a mother to two sons, owner of coaching practice Carla Muisers in Limburg, The Netherlands and an experienced expert in the field of high […]

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Separated and sharing with NLP Master and Business coach Athilde Whyte: ‘… and then there I was finally.’

In the series Separated & Sharing several portraits will be depicted of people who have experienced a divorce or separation. In this portrait Athilde Whyte (47) shares her story. She is a mother of 4 children. In her daily life she is also an NLP Master, Business coach and owner of business owner of her […]

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Relationships are seldom ended without any emotional outburst. Especially when one of the partners is not ready for a separation yet, pain and disappointment can be worded anyway but in an understanding and businesslike way. Let me share with you 7 tips to not get carried away by someone else’s emotions. Stay centered It is […]

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‘Help! How do I get out of this destructive relationship?’

Do you recognize this? Having a relationship where the ‘energy management’ shows an imbalance. A relationship that seems so infinitely exhausting and from which you do not dare to step out amongst others because outsiders won’t believe your partner actually behaves different when he is only with you? The Dutch book Destructive relations reviewed (translation […]

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‘How to survive with or without divorced parents’

This is the translated title of a Dutch book called: ‘Hoe overleef ik met/zonder gescheiden ouders?‘ What do you do when you notice that your parents have started to argue more often? When you are afraid they might divorce? When your mum kisses a stranger? (Nope, not on his cheek!) When you are being bullied […]

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Separated & sharing with Ronald Pino: ‘The one that is bothered with it, should solve it.’

I have known Ronald Pino from the neighbourhood. An Indonesian man always dressed in style with an impressive posture: straight back, shoulders backwards and chin up. I often met him and his wife Riet in the local shopping mall or while travelling with public transport. Like we did in the end of the summer of […]

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Good parenting requires a mature partnership

‘A child has two parents and one childhood.’ I tell this to every couple that comes to me for relationship coaching, mediation or a mutual request for divorce. Separating with care and continuing considerate parenting, is only possible once emotions have had the space to express themselves. Only thereafter they can settle agreements, to formulate […]

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Separated & Sharing with Nathan: ‘When negativity happens, keep your head up and be creative!’

In the series Separated & Sharing several portraits will be depicted of people who have experienced a divorce or separation. This time in the series Separated & Sharing a portrait of Nathan, a young man and a child of divorced parents. His parents had already separated when he was only 11 months young. He always […]

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When love has turned into tolerance …

Many couples seemed to have found the recipe for a happy relationship. However, that moment will come when both partners start wondering whether that is really true. The love that gave birth to their relationship and made the relationship blossom and grow, all of a sudden seems to have left without prior notice. The relationship […]

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Tara Mediation ends weekly Twitter Q&A

  The weekly Twitter Q&A by Tara Mediation was introduced 4 years ago. With this weekly Twitter Q&A many have found a way to answers to their divorce / separation related questions. The last year showed that the weekly Twitter Q&A was mainly used to ask several questions through the contact form of the website […]

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Photography: Christina Stoian