Solving problems and solving conflicts between human beings have always fascinated her. Thinking in solutions, guiding a problem to its solution is her main activity.

She believes that every human being has the quality to think in solutions and is able to act upon it. She gladly guides people to discover and apply that quality.

After years of experiencing the field of solutions with local and international companies and having contributed to acceptable alignments of wishes and needs of several parties, when working for a company specialized in divorces and terminating registered partnership the idea to start her own mediation practice came to her in 2009 .

Due to her approach she has had the privilege to experience that when people who choose to solve their conflict together, space is created to move on whether or not together.

People who already have been divorced and who are having trouble starting a new chapter in their lives also have been able to experience the power of thinking in and acting upon thinking in solutions with her approach.

Everytime she is pleased when someone is able to de-couple and start a new chapter in his or her life. She would gladly like to guide your problem to its solution. This can be done with relation coaching, mediation, legal assistance with respect to a mutual request for divorce, workshops and seminars.

The will to build bridges and walk this bridge with courage and a sincere will to meet the other brings freedom, satisfaction and a valuable life.

Sunita Changoe

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Photography: Christina Stoian